London-  The UK government has expressed its deepest concerns about human rights violations in Balochistan. UK is concerned about reports of activists in detention or missing in Pakistan, the UK Commonwealth and Foreign Office has said. Moreover, the Foreign Office of UK has said that the UK government regularly raises its concerns about human rights with the government of Pakistan at a senior level. The Foreign office made this statements on behalf of UK’s Prime Minister. It said that UK is a strong supporter of human rights, including the freedom of opinion and expression. The statement was made in response to Sindhi-Baloch forum’s memorandum that was given to UK Prime Minister in 10 Downing street on 18 April 2018. Sindhi Baloch Forum, comprised of different Baloch and Sindhi political parties, has been campaigning in United Kingdom for the past one year. It has organised many protests and rallies. “The freedom to hold and express views without censorship, intimidation or unnecessary restriction is a key indicator of the state of a country’s democracy and of the ability of citizens to participate in the development of their society,” read the UK Foreign Office letter seen by The Balochistan Post. According to campaign groups, thousands of Baloch have been ‘disappeared’ by security forces in last two decades from different areas of Balochistan. In addition to that, Afghans on both sides of the unauthorized Durand Line staged a number of demonstrations in London in support of the Pashtun Takhafuz Movement and urged the International community to take serious notice of human rights violations and military atrocities by Pakistan’s security agencies and trigger them into the court of justice to save small and suppressed nations in the country.