Kabul- Pashtun Takhafuz Movement  (PTM) Europe had a successful two days Conference in Brussels on 29th and 30th September 2018. The Conference was attended by PTM Europe Core Committee members, including Core Committee members from various European countries and a large number of PTM activists from various walk of life. The Conference has given a new vibe and strength to the movement and concluded with even united and more structured organization of PTM in Europe which will undoubtedly pave the way to raise Pashtun cause on European and International level.

پی ٹی ایم یورپ نے دو روزہ اجلاس کے دوران بینرز پر تحریک کے مختلف مطالبات اور رہنماؤں کے تصاویر آویزاں کئے ہیں

On the first day of the conference, three meetings, comprising PTM Europe Core Committee (ECC) Meeting, PTM Europe Committee Members and Activists Meeting were held in which organizational matters and activities of the movement were discussed.

Moreover, on the second day a seminar was conducted at Brussels press club and a big demonstration was staged in front of European commission.

Talking to Pashtun News, the PTM President for France, Fazal Rehman Afridi said, “Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) Europe Core Committee comprises of elected Secretary and Organizer of European countries,” adding, “There are 16 members of ECC as until now eight European countries namely Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Greece had their elections and have elected Secretary, Organizer and a committee”. He said, Eleven out of Sixteen members were present at the meeting.
The meeting discussed various issues as how to strengthen PTM organizational structure in Europe and reach to the masses and International community.

Fazal Rehman Afridi represents PTM at United Nations

“Decision making authority on European Level is the PTM Europe Core Committee, Afridi cited a resolution unanimously passed by the central committee.
Highlighting the rules and regulations, as per resolution Afridi furthered that members of  PTM from various countries would not contact ECC members on European Affairs without the consent of their respective country Core Committee.
“Debate on addition to Europe Core Committee will be suspended until organizational structure in majority which is 15 European countries was not finalized, Afridi cited an unanimous decision of the committee .
Moreover, ECC is the only official PTM Representative and decision making body on European Level, Afridi noted.
In addition to that, the only official and decision making Whatsapp group on European Level is ECC WhatsApp group and on country wise is that particular country core committee WhatsApp group. All others WhatsApp groups in the name of PTM are unofficial, Afridi clarified.
“Funds in the name of PTM will only be calculated after the consent of respective country core committee, Europe Core Committee and PTM Central Core Committee, Afridi noted.

The PTM Chief Manzoor Pashteen also delivered a telephonic speech to the seminar at Brussels press club.

Pashteen slammed Pakistan for its anti-Pashtun and pro terror policies. He emphasized on PTM Europe to be United and wished it more strength.