By: Faheem Nazimi

June 7, 2018

Pakistan military has unleashed its mercenary, vanguard forces of the so-called good Taliban backed by ISI on Southern Waziristan aimed at crushing Ali wazir and other Pashtun Protection Movement supporters to destroy their houses. The situation is extremely tense and volatile. The clash is imminent. Ali Wazir’s tribal defense is gathering pace but they are the underdog, as Taliban and ISI are heavily armed and they may not be able to defend themselves against the onslaught with bear hands. Wazir’s WANA tribal community is calling out for help. PTM is a non-violent, spontaneous revolt against Pakistani Army and its establishment seeking freedom and justice. They are not militant groups to use arms for their self-defense. All the tribal population in South Waziristan is very alarmed and scared for their safety. They call upon the international community to come to their rescue to avoid any fighting to send their observers and UN peace keeping forces to the area in order to void the bloodshed and devastation of these already oppressed and needy, impoverished people.